Website Design

What Does Your Website Need ?

Whether your website is for personal use or a website for business you want it to be filled with good content in order to generate a return. A business website will generate custom for you and your digital presence is a crucial factor when someone is searching for something specific online, even if you don’t have an online store.
What your successful website will need though and what I specialise in providing, are the following :

An attractive design and good graphics –  The more unique and tailored to you, your site looks, the more it stands out from others. No Alphabet Web Design produces visually stunning, and uniquely designed websites tailored with your content, for a superior quality end product.

Professional standard and web optimized images – Again, if your sites images look great then your website looks great.

Easy to use layout and functionality – It is important that your site is easily navigated by your users.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO – This is the specific optimization of your content so that search engines will easily find your website and your site ranks higher in searches.

Incorporation of Social Media –  From a business point of view, the more social media platforms you utilize for exposure the better.  I can help by advising what platforms best suit your needs and can run or guide you through your social media campaigns  .

Domain name and hosting –  I can look after or guide you through the process of acquiring a domain name and a suitable hosting package for your website.

Back up and technical support – I will provide  excellent back-up and support  after your site goes live.

So if you decide that you want to bring your product and brand online and you need a website that is up to and higher than the quality of you competitors then don’t hesitate to contact me.

Andy Walsh – Adobe Associate Certified Dreamweaver CS5
CPD Diploma Webactivate 2.0